Capillary transitioning – rediscovering

Hello everyone, this is my first post, and I’ll start by talking about acceptance, identity, and the so famous (and dreaded) hair transition.

To start this story I need to go back there in 2005, when I graduated high school; I’ve never been much do straight my hair, but I did not know how to take care of too, I lived with my hair wet, and always with a ponytail.

When I was 17, I decided to change completely and that is where I straightened my hair for the first time, cut it in the chanel style, and decided to adopt straightening as my main ally to be accepted into society. I thought that to look beautiful, I would have resembled those magazine covers, or as close as possible, but there was only one detail: they were mostly white, and the ones that were not had hair straightened out, just like mine, I was afraid that during adulthood I would not be accepted into the university  that I study, or that it would not catch the attention of the boys.

10 years have passed and I have come to tell you how, within 2 years, I liberated myself from the straightening, flattening and fastening of that society that still imposes and preaches stereotypes that hurt and oppress those who are not part or do not fit into these standards .


It was 2 years of insecurity, fears, mistakes and correctness, where I had a lot of support from the love of my life Kim, my family, and my friends, who not even for a second doubted my ability to choose and were always with me, present in this journey that I will describe post-post here.

Everything in life has a beginning, I decided, after reflecting for a few days that I would begin the transitioning process, (until then a simple desire to rescue my curls) but I discovered that it was more than I imagined, it was the rediscovery of my identity as a black woman, resistance and empowerment.

2015 Beginning of transition

2015 Transition

It was months of crying, anxiety, doubts and searching for products that would help me soften this painful process (I will list all). Many girls who go through the transition choose to accelerate or shorten the waiting period and make BC – Big Chop, I chose to cut few times until the whole chemical go away (were 3-4 cuts), to get better used with my hair, but hey, it was not easy to deal with the two textures that the hair had.


3rd haircut December 2015


January 2016

Almost two years have passed and I see that it  WORTH IT every second, I realize how important it is to me and to other girls and adolescents who, just as I had and still have doubts, I understood that hair is empowerment, and that is to say To society NOT to its “whitening”, NOT to its stereotypes, NOT to its standards, I also understood that Brazil is even more racist and cruel to people who decide to say NO to the standards, and that we have much to teach with the our bulky curls around.


October 2016

In the next posts, I will talk about the care and give more details of how my transitioning was.

And you have some picture of your transition, or you want to tell how it was yours, use the hastag #ILoveMyCurl on Instagram that I’ll  love meet you and like your photo.

Kisses and see you later.


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