Low and No Poo

Hi, girls and boys, how are you?

Today I’m going to talk about a subject that renewed my hopes during the transition, Low and No Poo, but before telling how I knew these wonderful techniques, I’ll explain a little bit what they are:

What is it?

Low Poo: Use shampoo sulfate free

The low poo is a technique that uses lighter substances to clean the strand of hair and the scalp, the use of sulfate-free shampoo is allowed.

No Poo: No use of shampoo

This technique does not use any kind of shampoo, to clean the strand of hair are used CoWash conditioners, which have amphoterals, which are substances that clean the scalp, and wires without harming them.

How did it come about?

The technique was born from the book “Curly Girl: The Handbook” by the author Lorraine Massey, this book explains how to best care for afro/ curly hair. You find in it a specific care guide for curly hair called the “Curly Girl Method”, according to this guide it is understood that the shampoos with sulfate (common shampoos) deeply clean the hair, to the point of To remove the natural oiliness that we curly so much need, that is, afro / curly hair is naturally more dry, because its spiral shape, makes it difficult for natural oils to reach the ends of the hair, making afro / curly hair more dry and more sensitive.

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Which substances are prohibited?

Sulphates, silicones, paraffin, petrolatums, mineral oils

Silicones – this substance found in many products to give shine to the hair, but it creates an external film in the strand of hair, which prevents the entry of new hydrates. The continued use of products that have this substance, can cause a build up in the wire (clogging), meaning the hair could not absorb any treatment.

The silicones can be divided into 3 groups, they are:

* Forbidden, they are present in many of the combing creams, treatment masks, shampoos, and non-100% vegetable oils; Its removal is only with the use of shampoos containing sulphate (deep cleansing shampoos). Substance PROHIBITED, for both techniques.

* Insoluble Silicones, released only for the Low Poo technique, because the adherents to this technique use cleaning substances that will be able to remove this type of silicone from the wire during washing.

* Silicones soluble in water, are released in both techniques because they leave the strand of hair using only water.

Petrolates – Mineral oil, paraffin and petroleum jelly, this is one of the great villains of healthy hair, derived from petroleum, they act in the same way as forbidden silicones, create a film around the strand of hair, and do not allow the entry of hydration and other beneficial treatments for the hair. This substance is also found in combing creams, shampoos, treatment masks and others,  no needless to say that it is PROHIBITED, for both techniques.

Sulfate – This substance is used to clean the strand of hair, but its action is too deep, the sulphate opens the cuticles of the hair, that way, it goes away the dirt and with it, the hydration, natural oils, everything that the curly hair needs,  this substance is PROHIBITED.

Parabens – These are not prohibited, they are agents preservatives of the products, however there are cases of people who develop / or developed allergies caused by this substance, released for both techniques parabens are also water soluble.

Who can do the technique?

This technique was developed for curly hair, but nothing prevents straight hair or chemically treated hair from adhering.

I want to start, now what?

To start the technique, you must first understand that you should stop using all the prohibited substances mentioned above in one go.

But how do I do that?

Well, this will sound a bit confusing, but to start the technique, you’ll need to wash the your hair one last time with sulphate, (the shampoo can’t have petrolates, or any forbiden substance) so the deep clean will remove all forbidden substances that accumulate in the strand of hair.

Learning how to read labels (i’ll let the list forbiden and releast substances here) is essential to adhere to the technique, you will spend hours in cosmetics stores, pharmacies, supermarkets (and yes it becomes a habit, almost a hobby) looking at every substance / ingredient of products that you do not know, or are interested in..

How much?

Today with the most popular techniques, it is possible to find World wide products, with the most varied prices, that will suit your financial condition, it is possible to find quality products that have very low costs, so this is not an excuse  to not start the technique.

Lane how did you know the technique?

As I started the post talking, going through the (painful) transitioning hair, it was not easy, I was on a relentless quest to find products that fit my new hair condition (two different textures) and I found absolutely nothing that was really effective, and I ended up frustrating myself with products that promising  a lot but, did not comply, so during a research I found a hair care group on Facebook, and it was love at first sight, I joined the Low Poo technique in December 2015 and since then, I have only had joys with the products, techniques to make the curl more defined, and many other things that I learned in the group.

We’ll still talk about these techniques a lot here, until the next!


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