Ouro Preto City

Traveling is always good, especially on the side of those we love!

To inaugurate our column of Travel and Photography, I will remember with you a trip that I and my love made last year to Ouro Preto/Brazil, it was amazing days! Come and check …

At where?

Ouro Preto, Minas Gerais

The city is located 95.5 km from The Capital Belo Horizonte, it is listed by the Historical Heritage of Minas Gerais, i the city you can find Historical Churches built in the Baroque style, residences mostly built in the Colonial style, Museums, the parallelepiped slopes are a (tiring) attraction, caves, waterfalls are also part of this lovely city; Ouro Preto is a small, but well equipped town and you will find in the City Center a variety of souvenir shops, restaurants, and services in general, in addition to the features already mentioned, Ouro Preto is also famous for being a student city, so if you’re young and looking for a good party, you’re going to the right place!


January 2016

What to do?

Visits to Museums, Historical Churches, Waterfalls, State Park of Itacolomi, Tour of Maria Fumaça until the City of Mariana.

Where to eat?

Ouro Preto has restaurants for all tastes and pockets, we chose to eat typical food from Minas Gerais,  and  we chose (it was very happy choose) the restaurant  called”Ópera Café”, which serves a delicious lunch with many options of Minas Gerais recipes, the owners and staff very attentive, which made us very comfortable, the only negative point is that unfortunately does not open for dinner.

On one of the nights we decided to eat Churrasco, and werecieve good reviews of the Churrascaria Quase Tudo No Espeto, we looked for hours, the location of this churrascaria, after hours of walking around in a circle we discovered to be on the undeground of a pizzeria, a restaurant of medium structure, but that provided wonderful hours, tasty BBQ, lots of variety of meats, cold beer, and the staff was also nice.

Where to stay?

The city has a multitude of hotels and inns, also for all tastes and pockets, if you choose areas farther away from the Historic Center, or closer to the shops and sights, we chose to be closer to the Historical Center, and more Once we were very happy in choosing Pousada Geraes.

The hostel has easy location, and a beautiful view of the city, the staff are very friendly and helpful, the structure of the hostel is also very nice and the breakfast is delicious with plenty of variety and plenty.

Nothing is perfect…

Ouro Preto also has its defects, especially the service trade, during the weekend (especially on Sunday) do not open the night, so feel the urge to eat a Pão de Queijo, or take that ice cream Forget it!

Be curious, or already knows Ouro Preto, tells us how his experiences were and if he intends to return there.

See you guys later!

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