Hair Texturizing And Finishing

Hello guys!

Everyone who has passed through the hair transition knows how TENSE it is to know how to deal with the two textures that the hair presents during this period, especially for those who (like me) decide to cut their hair little by little

Two hair textures

I tried almost everything to disguise the two textures, EVERYTHING (babyliss, ponytail, coke) and almost nothing could make me handle the situation,  especially after I started to cut my hair.

Unsuccessful attempt to make curls with the babyliss

But calm, there are small attitudes, techniques and products that will help soften the difference between new hair (curls) and old hair (hair with chemistry), so without further ado we go to them:

Always keep your hair moisturized this is a GOLD tip, plus let the hair soft, will help control the frizz, invest in masks containing aloe in its composition is also a another golde tip.

Oils, always have 100% vegetable, oils for moisturizing or pre poo (before washing hair with shampoo), also use them to make mixtures in the creams you already have.

Fit (fitagem in portuguese), is one of my biggest finds during these two years was undoubtedly the grooming (separating the hair into ribbons), people serious, that’s GREAT! Who invented / discovered this technique deserves an altar in the homes of 90% of the world afro/ curly people.

After untangling the threads, separate your hair into small strands, to start the grooming is very simple you will need your favorite finishing cream and the most expensive of the items: YOUR FINGERS, yes the grooming can be done with a tooth comb long (preferably wood, which will not generate a friction in your hair, which helps control the appearance of frizz), but the cool thing is to separate the wicks with your fingers, knead the wick at the end of the examination;

After all the hair is done, it’s time to texturize (there are several kinds of texturizing, we’ll talk about them in the next posts), but today we’re going to talk about texturizing with a cotton shirt, you know that old, torn shirt that I I know you have it at home, after doing the fit and kneading for the first time, you will repeat the kneading process again, but this time using the cotton shirt, knead the wick, and hold with the shirt for more or less 20 seconds, and repeat the wick to wick process if you find it necessary.


Quick Tips:

Hair does not need to be soggy, just damp.

Never dry your hair with a cotton towel because the fibers will steal the moisture from your hair too much.

To break the cream alloy (that hard effect), knead your hair again ONLY after your hair is completely dry.

I hope you guys like the result!

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