Co-Wash How Started?

Hi everyone, how are you?

Today we will talk about one subject that is very cool, (but let some people in dubt) we’ll talk about co-wash, this washing method, that people adept from the techniques no and low poo does.

But what is Co-Wash?

Co-Wash is the hair washing without any shampoo, wait a minute what? In this method developed by Lorraine Massey (author to the best seller Curly Girl), you can’t use shampoo the clean your hair, you use conditioners that has the substance called amphoteric, this substance replace (very well) the use of sulfate, without damage the health of your hair, and the environment ( we already talk about this in the post “no and low poo).

But the hair will not be filthy?

No, because the amphoteric is one substance that you can find in many raw materials and essences, because this element is an bubbly agent, but less agressive than the sulfates, but that work so well as the sulfate products, it cleans the hair without damage the strand of hair.

I can use co-wash?

Yes, but this question has a few important points that you need to know, all the products “No poo” can be used by people that is adept to “Low Poo”, BUT not all “Low Poo” products could be used by the adepts of “No Poo”, this happen because the technique LOW POO, used silicones that it’s not soluble in water, and the conditioners that can be used to co-wash CAN’T take this substancies off.

How to know if my conditioners can be used to Co-Wash?

To the conditioners be used as co-wash, it needs has a few restrictions on its composition, (that means that the conditioners CAN’T have any of this substances that will list): Insoluble silicones, paraffins, petroleum derivatives, mineral oils, weak or strong sulfates.

Image Google

What about now, everything is ready to start co-washing your hair?

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See you soon.



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