Moisturize With Banana and Papaya

Hi everybody!

Not long ago I bleached my hair and everyone knows that the discoloration leaves the hair very weak, the hair dries, some cases makes the strand of hair elastic, could happen chemical cut, so much care is needed in the pre- and post discoloration. Unfortunately I visit an professional hairdresser, and when I left the hairdresser chair it was not exactly the way I had planned, that is, everything I had “requested” had not been executed, and my hair was absolutely stained, so I already had in mind the “natural” problems of (Dryness and loss of  the curls definition), but I finished the locks with a large number of colors (all unwanted). To try to standardize hair color the day after the discoloration, it was necessary for my savior, also known as Mother, to dye my hair on her own, to try to disguise that grotesque mistake, somy hair get damaged double time.

Well, to recover my hair I tested this wonderful moisturizing in the first days, this is already the 3rd time I’m going to do it and I’m very satisfied with the results, the recipe is basically all natural, and it will moisturize your discolored hair like as no other.


1/2 banana

1/4 papaya ( one slice)

1 tablespoon of 100% vegetable oil

2 tablespoon of your favorite moisturize mask

3 tablespoon  Saline solution

1 tablespoon   Panthenol



*The amount can vary depending on the size and volume of the hair.

The banana is rich in magnesium, potassium, which helps to minimize a possible breakage of hair, it also helps in the restoration of natural elasticity, is an excellent moisturizer, and contains vitamins A, B6, C, zinc and iron.

Papaya is rich in vitamin A and beta-carotene, it will help moisturize and nourish it from root to tip. Being rich in beta-carotene is essential to combat dryness, and help repair damaged parts, as well as strengthen and brighten our hair.

Saline solution also helps in hydration of the threads, combating dryness, helps control frizz, and keeps the pH of the threads unchanged.

Panthenol this substance also helps to promote hydration, improves texture and malleability of the threads, decreases the creation of double ends, also acts to improve condition of damaged and damaged hair too

In a blender, beat the banana, papaya, vegetable oil, saline, then mix with the moisturizing mask.

Apply to the hair after washing, gloating the hair and wait between 30-40 minutes, with moisturizing, condition and finish as usual.

Before bleach

First photo: hair washed before applying moisturizing

Second and third picture: dry hair after the application of moisturizing


* If you wanted to take the moisturizing mask to the root of your hair it is necessary that the banana and the papaya are completely crushed, to rinse the hairs very well so that there is no residue, being a natural base product, there are no preservatives , And if there is residue on the root, it can cause fungus on the scalp.

* Papaya can be substituted for carrot, which also has the same properties as this fruit.

* Again the product does not contain any preservatives, so do not keep the mixture in case there are leftovers.

I hope you like it, see you later!

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