Easy hairstyles

Hi girls!

Today’s post came a bit later, but with 2 very easy hairstyles to do on multiple occasions (party, day to day), you can do them when and where you want, and they are very simple (if I I got it, you got it).

So let’s do the first one:

Hair splattered in the middle and ponytail pinned down,  all bloggers already done it, but it’s so beautiful that it nerver makes me sick of it!

Step 1: Partition the hair (the split does not have to reach the nape of the neck)

Step 2: For the upper part to be stretched, pass some gelatin released I used (# Tô de Cacho from Salon Line)

Step 3: fasten your hair in a low ponytail, and then with the fork comb, undo a little of the curls, will give a volume and a touch all special.


Second hairstyle:

Hair with cokes, and tuft, is very simple and looks cool.

Step 1: Divide the hair into 4 equal parts.

2nd pass: make 4 cokes and fasten with hair clips.

Step 3: Pull a few strands of hair on the sides to give more charm in the hairstyle.

Step 4: If you want the hairstyle to be more straight, pass gelatin so there is no frizz.


Another tip is to abuse the accessories, these hairstyles combine with EVERYTHING.

I hope you like it, do not forget to follow us on Instagram @lanecurlss, and to subscribe here in our blog, not to lose any more post!

See you soon.


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