Maritime Cruise

Today our travel column picks up a ride with Nathália Murcia, we will take a cruise that passes through Argentina and Uruguay, an unforgettable trip full of activities and fun. Want to know more about this dream trip, have some cool tips on where to go and what to do, just keep reading …


Ship Costa Favolosa – From theCompanhia da Costa

Destination: Buenos Aires and Montevideo


March 2015

What to do?

The good thing about the ship is that what is not lacking are things to do. In the case of Costa Favolosa we can enjoy 4 swimming pools, 4 restaurants, 13 bars, 5D cinema, 5 jacuzzis, spa, sauna, gym, beauty area, sports court, golf simulator, casino, nightclub, library, mall and much more.

It is impossible in 7 nights use everything that the ship has to provide. In addition to all these activities, the theme of my cruise was Gastronomy (they usually put a theme for each trip with the intention of also having lectures and activities besides the ones already on the cruise) and I was able to watch very interesting recipes made by presenter Neca, who Makes programs for the TLC Channel.

An option other than the traditional and that can surprise anyone, of course if you do not get too sick with the movement of the ship.

Where to eat?

At the ship has 4 differents restaurants, there are:

2 more formal in which more elaborate individual dishes are served at lunch and dinner (already included in the cruise package);
1 huge main that is on the floor of the pools, where it has breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner. Varied items are served: scrambled eggs, bacon, waffles, omelet, fruit, etc at breakfast; Meats, pizzas, pastas, at lunch; Hamburger, fries, pizza, etc in the afternoon snack and pretty much similar items to lunch at dinner. (Already included in the cruise package);
1 pizzeria which is the only portion charged. You might think, if I got pizza for free at the other restaurant, why would I pay for pizza? Well, the pizza in the main restaurant is pretty simple and nauseating for having only tomato sauce. In that other pizzeria you can at least vary the palate a little of the other items that are ingested every day.
It is not a restaurant apart, but every day they open next to the main restaurant a closed part for individual dishes to be paid for. They were dishes like lobster, salmon, filet mignon among others.

Tip: Buy the drinks package. You can buy before, when you are closing the package by the website or agency, and you can buy also when boarding, in the bars of the ship.
The package went out at that time for something around $ 50.00 per day for each guest. With this package you are entitled to water, soda, beer, caipifruta, some whiskeys, some drinks, among others. Being that if you were going to buy without the package, you would pay $ 7 for a single soda, not counting the mineral water you will need to moisturize.

Where to stay

You have the options of internal cabins that do not have windows, external cabins with windows, external cabins with balcony and suites with private balcony.

We stayed in the cabin with balcony. The space is great, taking into consideration two people and for being a ship, the bed is king size, TV with programming closed, fridge (which is only unlocked and full if you request it), safe, closet with 3 doors, bathroom size Small and the balcony comfortable for you to look at the sea for some time.

Nothing is perfect…

The ship usually walked at a reasonable speed when the days were beautiful, sunny and so that everyone could take advantage of the activities.

On rainy days the commander decided to go faster, foreseeing a better time ahead. On those days or just moments the ship stirred quite a bit in time to leave some more sensitive people inside the room.

Me and my boyfriend did not have this problem, but it is something to take into consideration for people who usually get nauseous on the road and on plane trips.

The sooner you arrive to check in at the port, the better. We arrived at around 2:00 p.m., and he would only disarm at 6:00 p.m. and even then we got a line that was of 5 laps.


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