Diffuser x Sieve

Hi everybody!

Today I’m going to give a special tip * for those who live in cold countries, or can not stand their hair wet in the winter.

The diffuser for those who do not know is an accessory for the dryers (there are several models and brands), and is intended to help in the definition of curly hair, but if you do not have this part or can not find a diffuser that fits in your dryer, there is a cheap solution that you can adopt to dry your hair, you will only need a sieve.

I tested both ways and I’ll show you how it was, even this is the result of the hydrocarbonation I did yesterday, if you did not see the recipe just click here.



What I think about it:

The sieve fulfills the diffuser function very well, defines the curls well, but can give an increased shrinkage factor. So if you do not have a diffuser, you do not find it in your city, you do not find a model that fits in your dryer, or you just do not want to spend money buying one, it’s worth buying a sieve that is super cheap and the results are great!

It’s worth remembering that since I bleach my hair I lost a lot of definition on the left side (the side I dried with the sieve), my hair that is 3B / 3C, this side ended up getting 3A / 3B since the discoloration, and saying about the hydronutrition in parallel, after that I made the treatment I felt that the definition returned a little more, then I will continue doing and I hope you too.

Note: I bought a plastic sieve because I was afraid to buy the metal sieve and it would heat up and burn me, so I think the plastic sieve is ideal to be the replacement for the diffuser.

What about you guys diffuser or sieve?

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