Hi guys how is going?

The post today may create a certain controversy regarding the Capillary Schedule (if you do not know what it is I explained here), first of all I want to make it clear that I respect who follows, but simply is not for me.

The schedule, is divided into 3 stages of hydration, nutrition and reconstruction, meaning each step is performed out of the assumption, of what your hair is needing most at that time.

Well, about a month ago I took off my hair on a pro, but it simply DESTROYED my hair. When the hair is discolored we all know that it is an extreme aggression, so the dryness was expected, but the fact that the professional, not responsible for the s# $% & * that did, was what scared me the most, so I decided that no hairdresser puts a hand on my hair (you must be thinking .. but Arlaine, what an exaggeration ..), not people, it is not exaggeration, it is being vaccinated.

Since I went through the transitioning this discoloration was the only time I used something chemical in my hair (* besides dye my hair) so you will feel with me the horror that my hair was down here.

Okay, but what does this have to do with capillary schedule?

When deciding that I would recover my hair, I do not follow the capillary schedule, I entered a battle (some girls even did not agree with me) to call all the steps of HYDRATION, any mask of treatment, for me it is hydration mask, because I add elements that will rich and supply the need for my hair, without being stuck to the schedule (which for me demands a lot of time, which I do not have, and a lot of money, I’m not in favor of people, especially those with lower financial condition, believe that to have a beautiful and healthy hair have to spend fortune of money, with expensive masks for every different step). So I find solutions that fit in every pocket as I said here, so people will learn that it’s not salad making in your hair, but that there are things you have in your refrigerator that will help you recover it .

Fruits and vegetables that are natural stimulants for the production of keratin, (which restores the mass), natural oils, some I do myself (that will nourish), bi-distilled glycerin, (hydration), for me work like this, I want to stimulate much more the use that papaya and banana that are almost going to waste, that avocado that you are considering unfit for consumption, than indicating 1 million different masks, knowing that all of them can be the basis for your HYDRATION. Then you will never see me speaking, look this mask enters stage X.

But I stress that, I respect that follows the capillary schedule, but it is not for me.

I’m going to leave a few photos of before and after my hydrations, as I’m recovering my curls, spending items that I already have at home, fruits and vegetables from my refrigerator (which I search about), I like to buy a mask with good components, which will serve as a basis in my HYDRATIONS, and I use very cheap masks that when added to other elements solve (and very well) the needs of my hair.

After discoloration
After the beginning of hydration of papaya with banana
After hydration with coconut milk and bi-distilled glycerin *this is the side that was mos damaged during the process

Note: Liquid keratin can and should be used on the hair to replenish mass, but if you do not have one at that time, know that there are foods that help stimulate production, and that there are masks that have this property in the composition.

Again I stress that I am not criticizing the capillary schedule, I am simply saying what I consider the best for me, the important thing is that you are satisfied with the products and the effect they give to your hair. The best treatment is the one that works for you ❤

See you guys later.


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