Hello everyone, everything good?

Still in the process of re-habilitation of my curls after discoloration, (I already did hydration of papaya here and hidronutrição for the return of my definition here, today I decided to test a method to recover the proteins lost during the discoloration, using one egg.I’ve always heard that the egg was a very rich source of protein, but I’ve always had a bit of prejudice in passing it on the hair because it smells as well as peculiar (not to say nasty).

So let’s go to the ingredients we’ll need in this recipe:

1 egg (or two depending on the size of your hair)

2 tablespoons of honey

1 tablespoon 100% vegetable oil I’ll use the castor oil (can be olive oil, coconut, grape, sweet almond)

1 medium or large potato (let’s make juice)

2-3 tablespoon of your favorite treatment mask (I used one with amino acid complex)

1 hydration cap or plastic bag


Water (I will not stipulate the amount of water, because it is very little, just enough to beat the potato, without damaging your device, if you have those juicers you’ll not need water)

This protein hydration, will help both the replacement of your hair mass, as well as nutrition and also we will give a rise in growth (potato starch is an excellent growth stimulant), let’s go?

Wash hair normally with shampoo, or co-wash, then remove excess water using a cotton shirt.

Step 1: chop the potatoes, add the water and with the aid of a mixer, or blender, beat until it becomes a juice, use a sieve to separate the starch from the rest of the potato.

Step 2: Coat the egg using a sieve, until it is a film (this will avoid the unpleasant odor), then using a fork until the egg white and the yolk are incorporated.

Step 3: Add all ingredients and stir until creamy pastry is not used (do not use as much water, when it is necessary to beat the potatoes so that they do not get liquid).

Step 4: apply the entire length of the hair, covering the wires, then put on the cap or plastic bag and wait for 40 minutes to 1 hour, and rinse the hair with plenty of water, condition and finish your way.

I’ll show the final result in the next post that I will show a nice finish, so if you have not registered yet, sign up now so you do not lose any posts and do not forget to follow me on Instagram @lanecurlss

See you guys soon ❤


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