Hi guys all right?

Continuing the previous post about protein replacement that I spoke yesterday, (if you did not see it, just click here), I promised that I would do this post to show the final result of this protein hydration, and also will show a very  cool method of drying, which will immensely help who is in transition, and who wants to define the curls, shall we?

With hair washed and cleared I used the method of spread the hair in ribbons, which I taught here in the blog, but if you did not see it, or want to see it again, just click here.
All you’ll need is a cotton shirt, (preferably one wider, I’m using an old one from my brother).

Step 1: Stretch the cotton shirt on the bed so it is stretched.


Step 2: Throw all your hair to the front


Step 3: Lay the hair on the shirt


Step 4: Fold the top of the shirt until it reaches your neck.


Step 5: Fold the bottom of the shirt, and cover the rest of the head


Step 6: Use the sleeves of the shirt to tie and make it “fairer” to your head.


Then just wait until your hair partially dry (leave between 1 or 2 hours), or if you have time, or want to sleep using the plopping the hair will dry completely.

Benefits of plopping: will define the curls, this method “compact” your hair, so maybe you feel the shrinking effect lighter, will also reduce the frizzy, because the hair will dry without having friction, that is, (you will not Touching with your hands), there will not be that windy action as it dries.

I left my hair with plopping for 4 hours, because I wanted it to stay as dry as possible, and the result was that.

After 4 hours plopping

Final resul, complete dry


So folks this is, I hope you have enjoyed and use this method of drying and the protein hydration, which is worth the strand of hair gain more mass which is very important in recovery.

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See you guys soon 🙂


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