Black Skin Foundation

Hi guys!

Every black woman has difficulty finding a foundation that suits our skin tone, I’ve practically given up on this mission here in Brazil, it’s always two base tones offered by companies, where one tone is always too much clear, and another is completely dark, people exist coloration, as well as white skin, but this fact seems to be ignored or “sublimated” by cosmetics companies.

I never understood why  forgot about black skin, my skin tone is more yellowish, I never found a base that suited me, I always bought two tones where one was very light and the other too dark to mix, and yet not I hit, but why?

The answer is very clear, here in Brazil the products for afro and curly hair are complete new so as the makeup for black people, and this happen because we were never considered material for the beauty companies, for them we were never potential customers.

So I made this short list to help other girls that have the same problem with find makeup for our color.

10. CoverGirlQueen Colletion All Day 

This product promises to be all in 1, foundation, concealer and powder, has a long-lasting formula and is a special product for black skin, it has 14 different colors.


9. Revlon Colorstay / Oily Skin

There are 35 different colors, this formula has sunscreen, matte effect finish, high coverage, duration up to 24h. According to the company this foundation is comfortable, and has a lighter formula, which helps in controlling oiliness and absorbing brightness.

Revlon Colorstay

8. Rimmel LondonStay Matte 

It has no oil in the composition, and has mousse texture, according to the company that is the secret so that the foundation does not become heavy, and greasy. The product also promises a full day without the appearance of oiliness and luster, has a matte effect without that artificial appearance and minimizes the appearance of the pores, in all there are 16 different nuances.

rimmel stay matte

7. Bobbi BrownSkin Foundation SPF 15 

According to the manufacturer the basis of the formulation of this base is water, there is also no oil in its composition, which results in a base of high coverage, which moisturizes and gives a natural shine to the skin, there are 30 different nuances for all skin tones .

Bobbi Brown

6.MAC Studio Fix Fluid 15 

Formula that controls the oiliness of the skin, offers a natural matte finish, this base offers high coverage and has 42 nuances available.

Mac Studio Fix Fluid

5.Wet’N’WildPhoto Focus Foundation  (this brand is perhaps one of the most sensational that I will speak in this post, no component of the products offered is of animal origin, also has a Cruelty Free, and the price is extremely cheap, this is a great option for those who adhere to veganism).

The company says that this foundation is special for those who are going to take photos, it has been tested in 7 different lightings and the appearance of the base does not change, that is it has no filter effect, so it promises a goodbye to the phantom effect, It has matte finish and has 20 different shades.


4. BareMineralsBareskin Pure Brightening Foundation Serum SPF.

This base fits perfectly to skin tone, is high-coverage, and offers a natural-looking finish, it is available in 20 different shades.


3. Too FacedBorn This Way

Born This Way is a foundation formulated without oils, which is a blend between makeup and facial treatment. The company also says that this base is undetectable, that is, it fits perfectly to the skin, hiding imperfections and giving naturalness to the finish, are 18 different colors for varied types of skin.

Too Faced

2. NYXTotal Control Drop Foundation.

This base promises that with just a few drops you have a medium coverage, and that just add more drops to a high coverage, has matte velvet finish, are 24 different shades.


1. Smashbox – Studio Skin 15 Hour Wear Hydrating Foundation price $ 42.00 around $ 59.99

According to the company this foundation is moisturizing, and that fits any lighting, the formula is also oil-free, which results in a finish that can go from medium to high coverage, lasts up to 15h, and are 22 different shades.


I hope you guys enjoyed, many of this brands you can find in US and UK,  if has any other brand that you want sugest, just write for me in the coments. Do not forget to sign up here in the blog and follow me on instagram @lanecurlss.

See you guys soon ❤



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