Hairstyles For Bad Hair Day

Hey everybody, how are you?

Who here has never had a bad hair day (that day what your hair decided to trouble with everything and to complete you have a commitment, or your crush called), it gives a despair right, but calm down, I have the SOLUTION!


Today I’m going to teach 2 hairstyles that will make the dilemma of bad hair day disappear, like a magic trick, and the best thing is that they are easy and very fast, so enough of small talk and we are going to the 1st.

Side twist

This is a super famous hairstyle, which all curly girl has already done in life, if not done yet, I’m sure will do today.
To start the process, moisten your hair with a spray bottle, to make the strand of hair more pliable and to help reactivate the lost curls, then pass on that leave in that you love, I am using a Brazilian brand, but you use what you like the most.



Then with a comb divide your hair aside;



While using the comb, separate your hair into locks (you can choose to separate into thicker locks and have fewer, or thinner locks and have more twist ) and again pass some more of your favorite leave-in;


Begin twisting the wick from the outside so that the twist get firm and resembles a braid, fasten with hair clips;



Repeat the process with all the wicks you have separated;



To help reactivate and better define curls of the side that will be loose, I sprinkled more water and used the Gel mixed with the cream of combing ( you can see a few options of products here);

Final result:


The second hairstyle is also very easy, I used a bandana (but you can use an open turban, or a scarf).

Hold your hair all the way forward, as if you were making a coke pineapple;


Tie the bandana aside, as if it were an archie (the long wait here forgot to take a photo of this step)

After tying the bandana, loosen the pineapple coke, the side you tied the bandana, the hair will be thrown to the opposite side, use staples to keep the hair on the desired side.


Final Result:


Well folks this was a very quick tip of super cool and easy to do hairstyles, I hope you like it and make it at home.

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