How to use liquid keratin

Hi people, how are you?

Do you know when and how to use liquid keratin? This process for those who follow the CC enters the reconstruction stage.

This step is the last of the chronogram so an alert: the reconstruction should only be done in cases of chemical procedures such as discoloration, hair straighteners, due to loss of hair mass caused by such processes, or in case you are feeling that your hair it is breaking, lifeless this procedure can help, it is worth mentioning that this is the last stage of the CC, before running it is necessary to have already gone through at least one hydration or nutrition.

Our hair is basically composed of dead cells composed of a protein called keratin, and when we go through some chemical process, that protein is empty, I had already taught how to recover the proteins using eggs, but I felt the need to speak also of liquid keratin, That when used correctly will bring many benefits, which goes beyond recovery of hair mass.
Enough talk and let’s go.

Wash your hair with a released shampoo or co-wash, remove excess water with a towel or cotton shirt, untangle hair strands just using your fingers.


Separate the hair in strands and apply the liquid keratin throughout the hair extension, coating the strand of hair, preserving the root (* if the chemical procedure reaches the root, apply the keratin to the root as well), repeat the keratin application process, and wrap the hair with a cap, or a towel for 10 minutes.




After the 10 – 15 minutes without wash the hair, apply above the keratin a hydrated mask, or a reconstructive mask in the hair.


Wrap the towel or cap again, and wait for 10 to 15 minutes and remove with running water, condition and finish.



To finish the hair I used a leave in, use my figers to untangle, and use the technique rake and shake, and use the diffusor.


* Keratin when used erroneously (rebound effect) can cause hair to break, so WARNING.

* DO NOT burn the indicated time, or do not get keratin for more than 15 minutes in the hair, it can generate the rebound effect as well.

* “Hardened” hair, the hair may become heavier in that you use keratin, it is not abnormal, what may occur is also that your yarn is not requiring keratin, so it is always nice to do the porosity test , which I already taught in the post about capillary chronogram.

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